Liliana Felipe

Liliana Felipe Composer , singer, pianist, tanguera, gardener and poet. Cordobesa, descendent of the Comechingones. Liliana Felipe’s music is mainly theatrical and cinematographic. Her songs have the quality to be irreverent and profound at the same time.


  • LP Liliana 1. Dedicated to Commission of Relatives of vanished people for political reasons in Argentina. 1980.
  • LP Liliana 2. With La Orquesta de Mujeres. 1983.
  • Cassette. Materia de Pescado, (Fish Matters) Liliana Felipe with Danzonera Dimas. 1989.
  • CD Liliana Felipe 1991.
  • CD Elotitos Tiernos, (Tender Corn). Liliana Felipe with La Sonora Reclusur. 1992.
  • CD LILITH Segundo Fracaso de Dios, (LILITH the Lord’s second failure). 1994.
  • CD La Ley del Amor, (The Law of Love) book by Laura Esquivel. 1995.
  • CD Que devuelvan!, (They must return it!).Eugenia León sings Liliana Felipe
  • CD Oh Noche! (Oh Night). Eugenia León and Dimítri Dudin play the music of Liliana Felipe.
  • CD Tabaquería (Tabaco Shop) Poem by Fernando Pessoa. Music by Liliana Felipe.
  • CD Las Horas de Belén (A Book of Hours). Recorded live on stage. 1998.
  • CD Cabaret 2000 (Three Mexican Cabaret Divas). 2000.
  • CD Vacas Sagradas, (Sacred Cows). 2000.
  • CD. Trucho. 2002.

    All Recordings produced by El Habito Editions.

Original Music for Theatre

  • “13 Girls (Homage to Frida Kahlo)” by Carmen Boullosa. 1983.
  • “Cooking Men” by Carmen Boullosa. 1984.
  • “The Council of Love” by Qskar Panizza. 1987
  • “The Ballad of the Sad Café” by Carson Mac Cullers. 1990.
  • “Time’s Passage” by Alvaro de Campos. 1992.
  • “The Down Sky” by Rodriguez, Felipe, Huacuja. Direction: Jesusa Rodríguez 1992.
  • “Everyone their Marguerite” by M. Yourcenar. Direction: Jesusa Rodríguez.
  • “Crime” by Margueritte Yourcenar. 1993. Direction: Jesusa Rodríguez.
  • “LILITH the Lord’s second failure”. 1993.
  • “Santa Chichilia”. 1995.
  • “Tabaco Shop” by Fernando Pessoa. January 1996.
  • “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have died” by Tom Stoppard. Direction Juliana Faesler. 1996.
  • “The Great Magic” by De Filippo. Direction Juliana Faesler. 1997.
  • “Alice in Bed” by Susan Sontag. Direction by Juliana Faesler. 1998.
  • “Belen a Book of Hours”. 1999.
  • Frankenstein o el moderno Prometeo. Musica diseñada por Clarissa Malheiros y Liliana Felipe. Direction: Juliana Faesler. 2001.
  • La Eva futura. Direction by Juliana Faesler. 2003.

Original Soundtracks for Cabaret

  • The First Failure.
  • The Second Failure.
  • Kingdom of Interneland.
  • The 500 cunts.
  • It was a Girl!
  • The Marriageable Diane.
  • On the Crib with Madonna.
  • Victims of the Neo-liberal Sin.
  • Chupamos Faros.
  • An Evening at Salón México. Astrid Hadad, Liliana Felipe y Eugenia León live at New York Central Park Summer Stage Festival.
  • Pedro Paramount. 2003.

  • In 1990, along with Jesusa Rodríguez, opens El Habito Cabaret and La Capilla Theater, independent cultural spaces, without grants, where self-censorship is forbidden.
  • In 2000, along with Jesusa received the OBIE AWARD granted by New York’s newspaper TheVillage Voice.
  • In 2000, Liliana and Jesusa also inaugurated Brava! Theater in San Francisco performing“Belen: a Book of Hours”.
  • In 2001 she had performances in La Trastienda, in PROA Foundation, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in the Teatro Real, in Córdoba, Argentina.
  • In 2002 she gives a function Marcelo T. de Alvear and in Radio Nacional de Córdoba, in Argentina, she offers a broadcast for H.I.J.O.S.

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